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While I care about you as my friends, I have to neglect you like an abandoned puppy.

I think every college student can understand where I am coming from. Between working, taking summer classes, traveling and keeping up with the family, it can be hard to give you all the time you need.

Falling Off the Face of the Earth (2012)

The number times I have to social media stalk you to keep up with you is sad. I am just at that point where I feel like a terrible friend for not keeping up with your life. In this little soul search it dawned on me, I am freaking awesome friend.

FIREWATER Fell Off The Face Of The Earth

I care about each of my friends, no matter the closeness of the friendship, deeply. Just because I do not Snapchat you every second of the day and text you all the time does not mean I am not celebrating your triumphs like your own personal cheerleader.

disappear/vanish off the face of the ˈearth

Scrolling through my social media after a long day of work allows me to watch all of the fun each one of you is having this summer and reminds me of how lucky I am to have such outgoing friends. All I ask is for a small favor. Please remain understanding and patient. I know I am not around much, but it does not mean that I do not care. Each of my friends has a purpose of being in my life and I am forever grateful for that. In this fantastic adventure, Ry discovers that the end of the road is not always where you expect it - along with how to fix a car, put a wing on an airplane, how to help a crazy old man drive when he can't even see, and how to replace linoleum.

Falling off the face of the earth - phrase meaning and origin

The adventures of Ry and Del captured my imagination and made me laugh out loud. Get ready to enjoy the journey that takes you to an unexpected destination!

Skip to main content. In time, however, you drift apart from him or her, as the Career Hero's once plentiful free time condenses itself into 10 paid vacation days a year and a couple of ludicrously expensive after-work Friday night cocktails. Success breeds success, social circles shift and the result is that you seldom set eyes on the Career Hero again. In stark contrast to the other friends who have spread their wings in progressive ways, the Dropout's life has seemingly struggled to take flight, landing him or her not much farther than his or her original nest.

Perennially on the run from student loan companies, the Dropout works a relatively menial job well below what his or her degree qualifies him or her for -- but by no means entitles them to -- in order to keep debtors at bay. Somehow, the Dropout seems to not be entirely bothered by it all.

Falling Off The Face Of The Earth

He or she is totally unreachable, and to top it all off, none of your friends have seen him or her since graduation. The Dropout has seemingly disappeared into a bizarre, never-ending cycle of drink-serving or supermarket-shelf-stacking. Worst of all, his or her night shift frequency means that even an attempt at coaxing the Dropout into a pint at a reasonable time seems like a task equivalent to scaling the north face of the Mount Everest.

Many couples stick it out after college and then even further into the harsh realms of wives, kids and white picket fences. If they're honest with each other and happy about their life together, good for them.

As Easy as Falling off the Face of the Earth - Kepler's Staff Review

However, forever remaining forgotten are those relationships that struggle to last past graduation. There could be several reasons why it ended. Maybe post-college distance finally became a chore. In the realization that life is different off-campus, maybe the head finally started overruling the heart. Maybe your career paths diverged and drove you apart.


Whatever your relationship downfall was, it's over now. Whether you miss him or her, or are just pretending not to, your College Ex meant a lot to you at one point in the past.

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However you feel about him or her currently, pretending that the relationship wasn't a loss amounts to solely kidding yourself. Although a variety of friends are lost throughout the process of beginning your adult life, the ones who are meant to stay will stick around.