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Anything in the top 1, is great, but don't shy from anything in the top 10, in its root category. Something that they don't stress enough in the course -- once you pick a product you have to improve upon it in some way. You have to separate your product from the pack by offering some feature your competitors don't.

Read the 1 star reviews from your competition -- why did their product receive a horrible review? Can you fix that problem in your product? Restating that you must get product samples before purchasing any sizable order. It's easy to be impatient and just order, and that can set you back months if you pick the wrong supplier. Friends and family are a great place to start for those initial reviews, but so is Facebook advertising. You can give away a batch of your product initially and you should get a decent response rate.

After that initial surge is when I'd look into launch services.

I had not heard of Zonblast or Viral Launch, those were not around when I went through the course. I went and took a look and Zonblast is using insecure assets on a supposedly secure site -- that defeats the purpose of the SSL certificate and does not fill me with trust. I have some concerns about how the launch services work. When Amazon finds out about this type of thing they can remove valid reviews even if you did send the reviewer your product.

At that point you're out of the product and you're out the fee to the launch service. I suggest 1, for beginners because the demand is there. If they get early success they'll continue the journey. I don't see Amazon stopping launch services. Email list subscribers aren't penalized for not reviewing, its just suggested that they do review. Its like a coupon club, like slickdeals and fatwallet. They just charge and have more reliable buyers. Both of those "services" have terrible looking websites. Not very trust instilling considering the business they are into..

How do you improve upon a product that you're not manufacturing? Let's say, to keep the example, that I wanted to sell shower curtains. How can I improve on the product itself? Truth is most people in those courses despite spending the money don't go through with the program. These broad strokes are honestly all you need to do it. The biggest cheat of all is the launch service with the right product and review ratings, you can set yourself up a passive income stream in less than 2 months, depending your budget.

Wholesaling Houses: "The Insider's Guide to Reverse Wholesaling" -- Tim Herndon | PRLog

I'm one of these people. I did this while traveling and had a blast. The moment I'd stopped traveling I found it boring and went back to the office. Sometimes I think I was stupid but then I remember sitting around looking at the screen bored out of my mind, wanting to be more social than some sort of money generating machine. Also I didn't feel like I was creating something, just taking money from one place and putting it in another.

That said if I made a successful startup that I was proud of then I would quit my job and do it full-time, no doubt about it. That is way too generous. I have spoken to far too many ignorant business owners in my short time on this Earth. There is so much truth in this, but Realize almost all the products in your house have made in China on them.

As long as a product fulfills its promise, you'll get five star review. I'm selling cellphone case, the customer see it as stylish and that it will protect their case, it arrives and is just that, promise fulfilled I'm selling a hammock, the customer expects it to hold them up, it arrives and does just that, promise fulfilled We aren't selling Iphones, we are selling simple products that get the job done.

I'm surprised I've only seen one person in here with a counterpoint to any of this.

Let's get started

I tend to agree with some of your ideals about this quite strongly with the morals of it , but.. I was reading another thread in here recently about the popup email list "sign up to continue" ads on websites. I HATE them and yet.. I like to think I wouldn't do it, but if I'm being realistic, I know I'd at least consider it.

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I won't consider doing flat-out dishonest things like fake reviews, but psychological "marketing tricks" and "shortcuts" I just hated doing it, and knowing that I had had to do it to some degree to compete But to say people are idiots for doing it, or that it won't work It makes me sad, but it's not. What's the manipulation - asking people for reviews after giving them a big discount? This isn't really similar to SEO manipulation that G has to deal with. I agree with you about cheap shit from China, it's just so unappealing. Top selling products are either from very well established, western brands that you can never compete with.

Or it's stuff from China that's being sold by everyone under a different label oven thermometers People making the most money during a gold rush are the ones selling the maps and pick axes. I think this is a phrase or saying I've been looking for a long time when it comes to internet marketing. So many people these days invest all of their time buying ebooks or guides learning stuff and not taking the actual action needed to succeed or forge their own path.

Oh snap, I'm deleting my professional attractive product pictures for shitty 5th grade photography class pictures, because my good pictures that show the product from all angles is gaming the system! Thank you for this obiwan! Amazon Pro seller here, with my own line of books, dvds and organic products. Overall, great info, and I like when someone cuts through the B. I'd like to add that currently, there is a big push at Amazon to crack down on "fake" reviews. I've been following your posts about this for a while now. About to start my own brand to launch on Amazon.

Thank you and keep the great posts coming! I'm not totally sure what the business model is here. Are you purchasing and reselling items? Are you purchasing wholesale and rebranding with your brand as a stamp of approval? Are you creating original product? I'm definitely interested, just not totally sure how this model works. I get the steps to implement, but I feel like for me this started on step 2 - how to use FBA, but I don't know what step 1 was.

You are finding what's called an OEM product. There is no invention necessary, you find a factory that already makes a product you saw on Amazon or on a niche pet supplies, hiking, etc. You then create a brand and have that product made. I'd like you to consider something for a minute. The reason I say this is because all the real estate "Strategies" you've ever been taught are based on lending and investing techniques that were used before the housing market collapse.

They're based on old lending laws and over inflated housing markets. The housing market is completely different than it was just a year ago. You can't just rely on the 3 P's Put a sign in the yard and Pray for Profit in this new housing market It's just too risky! I'm offering so much more for you than just wholesaling. You can mix in lease options, short sales, foreclosure investing and more.

And, if your not using them ALL, you should be. Here's a fact you already know, but aren't using to make money. The more ways you know to make money, the more money you'll make.

Luxuries in office buildings: There's an app for that

The problem that I've seen with other wholesaling systems is they tell you things like My systems picks up, where they leave you off. But, it's not about me selling you something. It's about you, knowing a great thing when it falls in your lap. It's about you, short cutting the learning curve that I suffered through. Life will never be the same. And now I've got a sneaky suspicion you're asking Please understand No Joke.

You know, the truth is, I almost didn't do this.

Didn't Give away every last one of my secrets and tricks I know. Literally everything. But in the end I couldn't handle the both the pressure and the floods of desperate emails asking me for help And for YOU, this means only one thing No longer will you have to put up with being one of the thousands of frustrated and helpless rookies fighting to keep your head above water Obviously, my wholesaling system works So if you want to put my Wholesaling system to work for you , I'm happy to get you started.

Here's how this is gonna work:.

PDF The Insiders Guide To Reverse Wholesaling

First off, for reasons that will be explained later on in this letter I can only allow a select few people to take advantage of this opportunity. I wish I could accept more, but as you'll soon see I'm purposely limiting those who get access to this training for the time being S Soil. While you're following along step by step as I unveil the high profit lessons of wholesaling mastery , you'll be scratching your head at how easy wholesaling becomes When you learn how easy this is you may feel like kicking yourself for not discovering wholesaling years earlier.

Keep your cool though, you're finally on the right track!