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The deals last from March 4 — And pencil in the release date for The Lost Secret of Time. More to come on events about the book release. Available for Free March only at Smashwords. This is all in anticipation of the upcoming book, The Lost Secret of Time. It will be the fourth and final book in the Crystal Keeper Chronicles. The release date is looking good for Spring Everything is in preparation. It has been a long time in coming.

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But after the physical therapy, and surviving a heart attack, pneumonia and septic shock, it seems almost a miracle to finally be nearing the completion of this last book. There will be more to come as we near the release date. So stay tuned, and be sure to follow my blog for all the updated info.

But I do have to warn you. Brewford, the cat sorcerer, is telling me that he wants a book of his own to finally set the record straight.

He wants a book of his own to tell the stories of his year old lifetime adventures. Something tells me, he may get his wish. But how about you let me know. Plus, these same amazing authors will be posting reviews of the books featured the week of the blog tour. All week, author interviews will be posted with links to their book reviews.

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Enjoy a week of celebrating books and education. Teachers can enter to add to their own class libraries. It will run through the weekend and end Sunday Sept. I wanted to give everyone an update on the progress of the last book in the Crystal Keeper series, The Lost Secret of Time. It is outlined, and has 9 chapters of the 14 written thus far.

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I have to thank all of my fans for your patience. They insisted that the story carry on. So, that is why the third book ends the way it does in a cliffhanger. There was just more story to tell. There are a lot of things hinted about his past in the series, and I want to write a prequel that explains it all. It will continue in other forms. It has been an amazing ten year journey so far.

The biggest thing that a reader needs to possess is patience for your favorite books. I know your pain. I think the secret is having LOTS of favorite authors so you can switch between them between new book releases. Until then, take care, and I hope you enjoy your other favorite authors until the new and last book in the series is released next Spring.

Stay tuned for fun summer reading activities and giveaways. Have a fabulous summer. I love being someone to encourage new things. Once a year, Smashwords holds a big sale to motivate people to try to read ebooks. IF you have children that go through books quickly, ebooks are a great way to keep them supplied. Plus, this sale will be a way to get them on the road to some new great books, many of them for FREE! I do apologize for the slow progress on this particular manuscript.

You can read all about it in this post. But I promise, it will happen. And to my shock, the characters are telling me there should be a fifth most likely. It should all be blamed on them.

The Lost Secret of Fairies: The Crystal Keepers Chronicles: Book 1

After all, I just write down what they tell me. In fact, she could have been my sister. She was my age, and looking like a total throw back to the eighties. Her brown hair was clipped back with a barrette with ribbons woven around it. Her clothes were very retro, with a rainbow t-shirt and jeans. Her shoes were tennis shoes, but not designer like Nike.

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I think they were just regular tennis shoes made of blue denim. My Mom looked totally different. Or rather I was totally not where I should be. I was in I read the year from the calendar hanging in the office. It all looked super retro to me. I was having trouble absorbing the fact I was in the eighties. In fact, I might be stuck in the 80s.

And now I was looking at my mother in the front office of my middle school, 30 years in the past. I struggle to remember her first name. It was all happening so fast.

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If I gave her my regular homeroom, it would probably not work. So, I blurted out the first thing that came to mind. My normal sanctuary at school seemed like the best place to start.

The Lost Secret of Fairies: The Crystal Keeper Chronicles Book 1 by Tiffany Turner

I start my day there. We walked out of the office, and down the corridor towards the cafeteria. I looked around at my school, 30 years in the past. All the shrubs and trees in the quad looked new. Grass was starting to grow, and signs were up to stay off of certain sections. It looked like there had been a complete landscape.

I thought trying to make some conversation might help. So, I turned to my Mom. She shoveled her shoulders. They just turned it from a high school into a Jr.

The Freshman think they own the place. You just move here? They totally like listen to you. Like they really care, you know? I nodded. I still was a little freaked out about seeing my Mom as a 13 year old. We could have been sisters. She had the same long brown mousey hair that I did, and glasses. Except mine had no frames around the lenses. Her glasses did.

It was a bit weird. We neared the doors to the library which ended our awkward silence. She started with the good-byes first.