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Meant to reach out to you earlier. Just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job with the service.

Iron Condor

That is all so helpful. So far I can see why you like this strategy so much. I know we haven't been tested too much other than the one trade we had to add an additional debit spread, this trade seems to absorb market movement much better than other income trades. I think you are doing a great job and the service is a superb value.

You are doing a great job with the service. It is a great value to me. I appreciate your attention to detail. This is an income strategy which is known to be very resilient and does not have large draw downs if managed properly. You have been very responsive of the questions and comments. It is an excellent way to earn while learning because you provide the detailed trade plan in advance and also provide the weekly updates explaining the reasoning behind each trade and adjustments.

A very good platform you have here for communicating trade set-up and trade management. Well done! Thanks Amy! I am a believer in your strategy. It is backtested on OptionNet Explorer. Only one I ever backtested that came out profitable.

Reverse Iron Condor Strategy Explained

And was a low maintenance trade! I admire how you created a strategy, honed it and executed it with much confidence and discipline. The nested condors are clever. You also communicate very clearly and are humble about your accomplishments. The overall service is fantastic. I got the messages and e-mails in time and the information was clear and sufficient. The subscription was good and I would recommend it. Amy was good. Excellent communication. Really good poise in managing the trade during some pretty hefty moves in the RUT. Hi Amy!

Reverse Iron Condor Strategy

I love you and your nested condor and the way you trade it…You have inspired me throughout the YEARS, as I have followed you for some time as a fellow [student] from years past. Your calm demeanor and confidence in what you do is very reassuring.

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You are a rock star and I really believe that. The simple trade method and clarity Amy shares.

Iron Condor

The way she communicates her trades and adjustments are very logical. She trades it and adjusts it just as she says she does.

Iron Condor Options Trading Strategy - Best Explanation

Similarly, if XYZ falls below the purchased put strike, the most you can lose is limited to the difference between the bought and sold put strikes, less the net credit -- again, [ 25 - 24 - 0. The iron condor has two sold options at its core, and option sellers typically benefit from declining implied volatility. All other things being equal, lower implied volatility makes it cheaper to buy back the options, if needed. However, since an iron condor involves two bought and two sold options, the overall impact of implied volatility is somewhat muted.

The success of an iron condor depends upon the stock staying in a relatively tight range throughout the lifespan of the trade. Make sure you're confident in the technical outlook for the security as you select your focus strikes. Additionally, it makes sense to focus on shorter-term options, which afford the shares less time to move against you. In the same vein, be aware of any upcoming events -- such as a quarterly earnings report, for example -- that could trigger a big move in the stock. You may also want to avoid equities with high short interest-to-float ratios, since a short-squeeze rally can play havoc with an iron condor.

Additionally, be aware that the iron condor requires four opening transactions, which translates into much higher brokerage expenses than a two-legged credit spread. Weigh the potential reward carefully against your cost of entry to be sure you're not getting a raw deal.

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Toggle navigation. About Schaeffer's Research Legal Notices. Iron Condor Outlook: Expecting minimal price movement; bearish volatility The iron condor is a four-legged options strategy intended to capitalize on a period of muted, low-volatility price action in the underlying security.

To understand how this many-legged spread works, let's break down an example. Potential Gains As with the short call spread, short put spread, and short strangle, your maximum possible gain on an iron condor is limited to the initial net credit. Potential Losses Because each of your sold options is hedged by a purchased option at a nearby strike, your risk profile on an iron condor is clearly defined.